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Tutorial Series

Verilog Nuts and Bolts: A guide to Verilog with real examples in Icarus Verilog, a free and open source logic simulator. There are lots of fun logic simulators on the web, but the industrial world runs on Hardware Descriptive Languages like Verilog. This is a quickstart guide, but I will be stopping to talk about some of the underlying principles along the way.

"Legacy" Lecture Material

I spent about four years teaching in a conventional classroom setting, and I have a lot of helpful lecture materials to share. I'll be slowly adding these as I get a chance to curate them, so check back every now and then, or keep an eye on the blog for updates...
Fair warning: you almost never get a body of teaching materials that are completely free of error. If there's a logical inconsistency somewhere, ask me or a colleague about it!

Nonlinear Circuit Elements: Lecture Series
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Keep in mind, these are lecture notes, so you should probably keep google and a textbook handy when trying to parse them...

Nonlinear Circuit Elements: Lab Quicknotes
DiodesRectifiersTransistorsMOSFETs in DetailMOSFET Symbol Chart
I made these way back in 2012 to help the professor of the class provide context for the labs, but I think they stand on their own pretty well!