I Will Miss Teaching in a Classroom

But I tell you what, there are a lot of things I won’t miss that came attached to it.  I’m not going to pin some 95 theses to the door over this, but when I was teaching in an academic setting, I felt like a lot of the time when I was doing the “hard, not-fun parts of the job” I also wasn’t actually helping anyone learn.  And now that I’m not going to be doing this for a living for a while, I have the freedom to explore what I could be doing instead, that might do a better job of that.

Which is probably reason number one that I’m starting this website.

If it’s on the web, anyone can find it, and engage with it.  And if it’s done right, it might even be broadly accessible.  That’s what’s going to go into the main website.  As for the blog, it will be where I talk to myself out loud about everything from floating point calculations to electromagnets.  So, stay tuned for that…